Misc SCED News

Sumner County Economic Development attends KIOGA 75th Annual Convention

The Sumner County Economic Development Commission (SCEDC) attended the KIOGA 75th Annual Convention held in Wichita August 19-21.  The SCEDC had a booth on the trade show floor and was joined in the booth by Cowley First, Cowley County Economic Development and Harper County Economic Development.

Sumner County Commission Approves Reduction in Property Tax Rates

SUMNER COUNY COURTHOUSE, WELLINGTON, Kan. - The Sumner County Commission voted Tuesday to finalize its 2013 budget.  Included in the budget is a 27% reduction in county property tax rates.  Commissioners credit Kansas Star Casino gaming revenue and property valuation for making the reduction possible.

"This will directly impact property owners in all of Sumner County," said Commission Chairman Cliff Bales.

Prairie Wind Transmission Line Groundbreaking

Several representatives from Sumner County attended the groundbreaking for the Prairie Wind Transmission project Aug 1st in Colwich. A portion of this transmission line will run through Sumner County. Present at the event were Janis Hellard, Director, Economic Development Commission, Jon Bristor, Director, Planning and Zoning, Melinda McCurley, Administrative Assistant with Planning and Zoning, Nita Simonton, County Engineering Superintendent, Kansas House Representative Vince Wetta and his wife Marilyn. 

Fork Lift Training Held

The Sumner County Economic Development Commission (SCEDC) held a Fork Lift training class for K-Doll Koatings in Conway Springs on July 31st. The class was taught by Kansas Fork Lift Inc. Ten employees from K-Doll Koatings attended the training. The Sumner County Economic Development Commission (SCEDC) received a grant for this training from the South Central Kansas Economic Development District (SCKEDD) through funds received from the Rural Business Development Tax Credit Program.